A Tribute to Natasha St-Pier

Welcome !

The purpose of this site is very simple and clear. There is very few English sites of Natasha St-Pier on the net. So, finding even the basic info can be difficult for those who do not understand French at all but would like to know more about this wonderful singer.

Equally important reason to create this site is to share my own creation about Natasha St-Pier. Including some graphics, such as wallpapers, and of course plenty of photographs and videos that I have taken on several concerts.

The site is not supposed to be complete information package about her. Unfortunately I do not have the time for that. But the few things I will add here should get you started to find out the wonderful world of Natasha St-Pier. It should help you to get to know this extremely talented Canadian artist, her wonderful voice and even her natural beauty.

I may, or may not, update the site regularily but feel free to stop by every now and then. All comments and questions are always welcomed.

I only have one request; if you ever decide to use any of my work on some other site or forums, I'd be pleased if you could refer the original site and/or author while doing so (RMJ at www.3rdw.net).